Upcoming Events

An Aug. change of pace. During Aug. like last year, we will be meeting in the fellowship hall, around tables. We will examine Isaiah 55, with a lectio divina listening and conversational style. Each Sunday Dan will offer a short meditation on the focus verses. Each Sunday verses will be added to our focus. We will still have the regular parts of our worship, children's story, offering, singing, and so on.  Help setting up and taking down tables and chairs each Sunday will be appreciated.

Sunday, August 4

2:00-4:00 p.m. – Come and go tea at the community center to celebrate Dan & Esther’s 50th wedding anniversary. Everyone welcome.

Sunday, August 11

7:00 p.m. – Welcome Shower for Mercy and Stephen Banda in the church basement. Coffee and dessert – sign-up sheet for dessert is on the Educ. Wing bulletin board.

Monday, August 19-Thursday, August 22

SonQuest Rainforest is coming to North Star. Kids ages 4 to those completed Grade 6 are invited to come on a life changing adventure as we learn more about Jesus. I am certainly in need of help. I need group leaders, bible story tellers, a couple of people to help with crafts, helpers. Please keep VBS in your prayers.  Thanks!!      - Gayle